Redesign & Rebuild

From clunky and outdated, to an elegant user experience

Newcastle Pub’s website was completely redesigned and rebuilt in order to modernize the existing brand identity. During the development phase, our team focused on implementing functionalities required to stay ahead of competitors. Including a portal for online ordering, interactive events calendar, and responsive navigation for mobile device users.

Consult & Develop

Equipment rental platform for the construction industry

Through consultation and collaboration with RocRents management, we were able to diagnose issues within their existing lead generation capabilities and proposed a complete solution for increasing equipment rentals. Since going live in early 2021, RocRents has maintained a consistent flow of equipment rental leads and new customer acquisitions.

Redesign & Rebuild

Upgrading digital presence and boosting credibility

Gabel Recovery Group works with creditors to recover what is owed to them following a civil lawsuit victory. Projecting credibility and professionalism is paramount to Gabel Recovery Group. Our redesign and rebuild ensured their website matched their desired brand identity.

Develop & Market

E-commerce development, Google Ads, and social media marketing

Buildcorp Direct began as a small Shopify store with moderate online success. In late 2019, a full redevelop and relaunch of their website  was done using WordPress and Woocommerce as the backbone. Our search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, custom sale recovery automations, user retention techniques, and business consulting catapulted Buildcorp’s success. From December 2019 to December 2021, annual sales exploded. The company then went on to begin 2022 averaging very strong sales figures.

Redesign & Rebuild

Mobile accessibility and visual storytelling

Duraframe Solutions is a construction company that specializes in steel prefabrication. During the redesign and rebuild of Duraframe’s website, the priority was to create a responsive destination where past work/solutions could be showcased to aid in winning new project bids.

Consult & Market

Social media marketing and brand development

ACS Jewelers is a New York based custom jewelry manufacturer. Our team was able to consult and guide brand development efforts through social media. Collaboratively providing ACS Jewelers with the guidance/training required to capture, copywrite, and publish content that draws high user engagement in an effort to generate organic leads.

design & Print

Digital media designed for print

Sodus Microd Club is an amateur racing club that worked with our team to redesign their existing racing booklet. Giving an exciting and engaging feel to a previously outdated piece of media.

Consult & Manage

Social media management and content publishing consulting

Gametown Gaming is a publisher of video game content and professional products. Our team was contracted to identify areas of improvement in their publishing process and provided a hands on solution for maximizing user reach and engagement.

Design & Develop

Bringing a new business concept to life

Velocity Mortgages is a provider of private loans and alternative investment solutions. Working with Velocity Mortgages from the point of their inception gave us the creative opportunity to develop their website, digital media assets, and custom animations from scratch.